Sunday, May 20, 2012

Iris Rhizome sale in progress

Hi Iris Lovers!   Here are a few more pics of irises that I have for sale this year.  If you've purchased from me before, I hope your babies are growing well!  Send me a pic if you can!  I have three ads on Craigslist again, and I opened up an Etsy store this year called what else...  FrontRangeIris.  &:-D  They made me put it all in one word tho... don't know why... still learning about Etsy. 

Anyway, I have pretty much the same irises on Etsy and Craigslist that I'm posting here.  As they bloom, and as I buy more new ones, I'm finding that I'd better thin out more to make room for all the new ones that I ordered!!
On to the beauties...
As usual....  $5 per rhizome &:-)

I have about five (5) - Sopra il Volcano a Border Bearded..  24 - 28 inches tall.

Five Rhizomes of  Just Teasing - a rebloomer, but not guaranteed to rebloom...
 It hasn't done so for me, but I've learned this past year that they need different care than other irises.
... more info on that to come...

Five rhizomes of Champagne Elegance- a parent of Just Teasing

Five rhizomes of San Juan Silver
 rhizomes of Shore Patrol

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